Yoga with AJ

Certified Yoga Instructor
International Yoga Alliance, 200 RYT:
200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training (with Iyengar)
PadmaKarma Yoga School
Kerala, India
(December 2019)
Studied with renowned instructor Padma Nair, 
founder and director of PadmaKarma Yoga School; 
and with Iyengar yoga teacher Jinu Vibhoothy.
Certification includes pranayama (breathing) & meditation.
10 years of personal study & group practice:
Iyengar and Restorative Yoga
Certified Reiki Practitioner (Level II, 2010)

In 2009, after a near-fatal fall through a bridge, I found healing and relief from chronic pain through restorative yoga. Three years later, I discovered Iyengar yoga (renowned for its medical and post-injury benefits) and developed a regular practice that combines Iyengar, Hatha and restorative poses (asana), meditation and breathing (pranayama).


Through my healing and yoga journey, I have found more peace – and space for… breath. I encourage students who are new to yoga to experiment on the mat, with gentle self-compassion, humour – and lots of props! Because of my near-death experience and resulting physical limitations (broken bones, nerve damage, and initial wariness of movement), I’m well-equipped to guide students whose physical circumstances may be invisible or challenging. And, because of my ongoing struggle with trauma, I empathize with human beings whose mental health may be fragile, or whose emotional resilience might not be acknowledged.

In my private online yoga sessions, I offer a gentle and restorative practice for anyone who is new to yoga, or lives with pain or other limitations. Whether through individual instruction or small group sessions, my guiding principle is to support students through a practice that weaves together strength, alignment, awareness and self-compassion. I am passionate about empowering more people to uncover and experience the benefits of yoga for their own physical recovery, or to achieve homeostasis and well-being. I also hope that this practice will lead to a greater sense of calm & connection during times of uncertainty, imbalance and isolation.

I am deeply grateful for all the guidance I’ve received from my many yoga teachers around the globe. In my decade-long search for holistic health and wellness, I am also certified in Narrative Therapy (Australia), Reiki (Canada) and Aromatherapy (NAHA, Singapore).

When not standing on my head or leaning into a deeper trikonasana, I can usually be found traipsing through nature, in slow travel mode or walking meditation, watching documentaries, swimming, gardening, feeding (and communing with) a cow, or sipping from a young coconut.

You can see some uploaded yoga & breathing sequences here!

Private sessions (in person / online)

60 mins – USD $60

90 mins – USD $85

Discount on 4 classes or more!

Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking a session.

To book a session, please send an email to: amit.janco (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you!


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