The Liminal Sessions

Liminality: A state of transition between one stage and the next, especially between major stages in one’s life or during a rite of passage.

HEARTshops and Open Space Present:

The Liminal Sessions: An Exploration of Self-Discovery in Strange Times (3 Parts)

During these months of chaotic pause, we inhabit the in-between; suspended in liminal space, between the known past and the unknown future. Through imaginative writing, art-making, rituals and engaging conversation, you’ll tap into your splendour that lies buried inside the ambiguities of a world gone haywire.

Is this prolonged pause and disorientation compelling you to turn your attention inwards? If so, please join me for The (inaugural!) Liminal Sessions; a 3-part series of reflections and guided explorations that will help you tell the stories of your passage through the pandemic of 2020.

The Liminal Sessions is an online odyssey tailored to call up and enhance your yen for self-expression. In this sacred space of transition, we honour creative experience as a necessary path towards deeper understanding, acceptance, transformation, and growth. You’ll unearth the roots of your own voice and give your imagination muscles a good workout, while writing, making art and having fun!

Themes: Beginner’s mind. Rites of passage. Tree of Life. Grief. Joy in (unavoidable) suffering. Abundance. Living from all our senses. Freedom. The deepest well. Fearlessness. Courage. Ecstasy. Peace of mind.

What to bring to the sessions? Mostly, your imagination! Write with whatever utensils, tools and elements are within reach: crayons and coloured pencils, fountain pens, cracked pencils. Same goes for art supplies. Whatever you can dig up at home will do: Paint. Clay. Markers. Magazines. Paper. Makeup. Old bills. String. Stuff from your recycling bag. 

No expertise or experience is required in any field! Come as you are… to the Zoominar.

October 5/6-7/8, 2020
A journey in 3 parts; 2 hours each. 
Total of 6 hours of inspired and experienced guidance.

Time Zones:
Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 5 pm – Vancouver / Los Angeles
Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 8 pm – Montreal / Washington / New York
Wed/Thurs/Fri @ 8 am - Bali / Perth / Singapore
Wed/Thurs/Fri @ 10 am - Melbourne / Sydney

During our three group meetings, you will participate in stimulating sessions of writing and art-making prompts, innovative techniques, exercises for self-inquiry and much more!


  • Learn to focus more deeply on presence.
  • Enjoy the process of finding meaning in ephemeral moments.
  • Amplify your experimentation with out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Develop deeper self-confidence with your writing skills.
  • Reconnect with, and give voice to, your inner sparks and visions.
  • Untether yourself from “shoulds” and past lessons and patterns.
  • Feel greater freedom with risk-taking in your daily life.
  • Increase your appetite for creative expression of every kind!

About me:
Freelance writer, editor and author of the memoir: 
(Un)Bound, Together: A Journey to the End of the Earth (and Beyond)
Artist, designer, yoga instructor, labyrinth designer… and reformed lawyer.
Founder of 9/11 Montreal Peace Quilt Project.
Founder of HEARTshops.
Founder of Retreat On Your Feet: Slow Walking Journeys. 
Studies in Toronto, Montreal, Jerusalem, Australia.

Certified practitioner of:
Hatha Yoga RYT-200. Padmakarma, Kerala, India.
Aromatherapy Basics. NAHA, Singapore (online).
Narrative Therapy. Dulwich Centre, Adelaide.
Reiki (Usui, Level III). Holistic Healing Centre, Montreal.

Maximum of 8 participants; for a more intimate (online) group setting.
Only USD $99 for The Liminal Sessions (total = 6 hours). 
Payment options & Zoom link to be cheerfully provided at registration!
For information, questions and to register, please contact: 
amit.janco (at)

Selected Kind Words:

“I have a place in Open Space. It’s where I speak and listen and laugh and care. It’s where I mosaic and read and paint and garden.  It’s where I place my feet on the floor and breathe and stretch and settle. It’s where I can be just me, where we can be just us. Thank you Amit.” ~ Cath S. Peebles, Scotland.

“Amit’s weekly Open Space has been a welcomed and welcoming oasis amid COVID-19 isolation. Though living across the globe we felt connected and supported each other while navigating through the perils of our times.  Ever so grateful to Amit for this cocoon of time.” ~ Heidi S., Massachusetts, USA.

“She turned a mess into a piece of art.” ~ Gerald Schömbs. Coboat, Berlin, Germany.

Looking forward to seeing you at The Liminal Sessions!

“If one is born with a creative eye and mind, then she has it all. Collaborating with Amit was a tremendously enjoyable experience, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for that extra creative edge!”

Juyeon Cho, Seoul, South Korea

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