Air Canada En Route  – Washington, D.C. & Montreal

ANU – Museum of the Jewish People (formerly Beit Hatfutsot), Tel Aviv, Israel. (Two of my black & white images are in the collection, subsequent to an exhibition)

Photo Shoots: Creative portraits & pottery

Slideluck – Ubud

Flickr: Images from Around the World

LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2016 (My images were among the top-rated entries)

International Center for Photography, #ICPConcerned: Global Images for a Global Crisis, 2020 (My submission from Bali, was included in both the online and live exhibitions)


Thanks for offering to photograph my work. I really appreciate you helping me meet a deadline, for being available at short notice, for being open to my ideas, offering suggestions and producing such great shots! It was fun working with you – a creative collaboration made possible by your flexibility, enthusiasm for the subject, sensitivity and sense of humour! You have a lovely way of working, engaging with the subject sensitively and with enthusiasm and in a very nice relaxed manner. I would love to do more collaborative work in the future!

~ Anthea Carboni, Ceramic Artist, Perth, Australia

Amit has an incredible eye for beauty. Over the four days of our photo shoot in and around Ubud, she continuously sought to portray myself in the most creative and beautiful light. If one is born with a creative eye and mind, then she has it all. Amit was upbeat and energetic; but also patient in finding the most creative solutions whenever we found ourselves in the most unexpected (and unusual!) circumstances. Collaborating with Amit was a tremendously enjoyable experience, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for that extra creative edge!

~ Juyeon Cho, Seoul, South Korea.


img_4607I was in grade school when I received my first camera, a Kodak Pocket Instamatic 20; immediately personalizing it with a funky, retro sticker on top – so de rigueur in the 70s. I loved the removable Magicube Flash, a dinky piece of hardware that crackled and popped. That Instamatic was my beloved possession, tagging along everywhere I went – to the beach, summer camdsc06088p, family road trips, journeys across the ocean to visit relatives.

Then I graduated to the masterful (but bulky) Nikon and studied its lenses, settings and filters. I experimented with slides, color film and infrared.  Learning to develop images, while spending hours in a darkened lab, was a pivotal stage along my photographic journey.

Smitten with monochrome, I dove into a deep love affair with black and white film, a romance powerfully kindled during a trip through Mexico (dazzling colors neutralized by the black two-toned palettedsc02928) that continues until today.

Then came the dawning of the pocket digital camera. Now I rarely leave home without it. The process is changed, but the spirit of the lens remains. As does my deep and abiding love for the art and the subjects or scenes that I capture.

*If you would like to collaborate on a photo shoot or other project, please contact me!*

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