I’m a left-brain, right-brain hyphenate, born in an early-morning palindrome; 6:56 a.m. in Montreal, Canada. The filling in a 3-sibling-club sandwich. A multi-lingual Water Rabbit (English, French, Hebrew, Indonesian). I had a heart murmur, braces and pigtails. I danced ballet, played piano, cello and tennis. Studied art, design, photography, ceramics ā€“ and law. Envisioned and sketched out a glass-walled security perimeter for metro station stops ā€“ as a teenager. Designed and built a 3D hydraulic pump prototype. Made a quilt. Invented stylish, cold-weather fleece jeans. Worked in TV news. Wrote 20161010-untitled-376poetry. Scribed papers addressing human rights violations by police, and advocating against xenophobia and anti-semitism. Tracked down missing relatives. Raced dragon boats. Walked a pilgrimage route across Spain with donkeys and a reluctant hermit. Paraglided in Mexico. Volunteered in hospitals and a women’s shelter. Lived in Israel, France, Nepal. Paddled through a long underground cave in Laos. Rode open-bottomed buses in Thailand and a buffalo in Vietnam. Trekked the Himalayas. Slept in yurts and drank camel milk in Mongolia. Floated on the Dead Sea. Slept through my birthday, sick in bed, on the shores of Lake Baikal. Fell through a bridge in Cambodia. Flew over the North Pole and now live south of the equator ā€“ where I write, make art (on my own & with others; check out HEARTshops!) and design labyrinths for walking meditation. With a side order of Reiki, Iyengar yoga and feeding stray dogs.

My first book, a memoir called (Un)Bound, Together: A Journey to the End of the Earth (and Beyond) came out in April 2019! Click on the ‘Books’ tab for details and where to buy.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow. Who knew? A creative, colorful and blessed life indeed.
    Sending you lots of light, always, oj

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    1. Thanks OJ, lots of light to you too! xx


  2. Hi Amit,
    Greg forwarded yr email to the family and I ended up reading some of yr blogs.
    It seems that u are leading a spectacular life and Iā€™m looking forward to reading yr new blogs as u post them.
    Good luck with all yr future travels and endeavors

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    1. Thanks Clarence! Nice to hear from you and your comments are much appreciated. I’ve thought of Warren and your family over the past months.. please know that you’re all in my thoughts.


  3. …and the best is yet to come. Where are you sheltering in these times?

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    1. Indeed!
      Would you believe… Bali.
      Blessedly, close to the beach.
      Sea/sand/blue sky therapy will get me through this.
      Take care of yourselves!

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